What We Do

If you're too busy creating your own wealth to manage it alone, or working with an advisor who is no longer in-line with your goals, Jennings Group can help.

We use our knowledge to get a clear understanding of your financial past and present, so you can make prudent and informed decisions about your financial future.

Your Needs

Wealth Logistics

The state of your financial wellness relies on multiple specialists. We ensure they work together, and not in silos. Clear communication among these regional specialists helps you reach your financial goals more efficiently. Call us your financial facilitator.

Cash Flow Control

If you don't know what's coming in and going out each month, you've lost control. We help you find stability, and create support systems to make sure money doesn't fall through the cracks. Let's call it proactive cash flow planning.

Tax Minimization

The single largest expense you'll incur in a lifetime is tax. When thinking about tax, most people look back with an accountant to minimize last year's bill. Jennings Wealth looks 10-15 years forward. We make the system work for you…long-term.

Insurance Understanding

Insurance is often carelessly sold, not carefully bought. Most people don't understand it until they need it, which can sometimes be too late. Insurance education is a powerful tool to ensure lifetime financial stability. We help take the scare out of scary situations.

Investment Portfolio Optimization

To optimize your portfolio, we focus on the risk and not just the returns, and save your investments from unnecessary taxation. We make investing savvy, not sexy.

Business Sale and Succession

You've spent years building the value of your business, so appropriate planning time should be spent on its sale. There are a variety of tax-efficient ways to do this benefiting the buyer, seller and their heirs. We make everyone a winner.

Tax-Efficient Retirement

A sudden and full retirement is becoming a dated concept. We are now living longer and healthier lives, and need to plan accordingly. During full-time working years, accumulating effective tax-sheltered savings and proactively planning a variety of future income streams will make a significant difference to when, and how comfortably you can retire. If you build it right, the money will come.

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

Dealing with death is difficult, and can be confusing.  Proactively planning what happens to your assets upon death ensures more money for people and causes you care about, and less for the Canada Revenue Agency. We structure estate plans that reflect your values to avoid unwanted outcomes during a difficult time. We give your legacy life.




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